My Love for Royal Historical Fiction

The Boleyn Inheritance - Philippa Gregory

I'm not sure what made me love reading about Medieval European Royalty (mainly English and French), but I know for a fact that Phillipa Gregory quenches my thirst for it.


I just finished reading The Boleyn Inheritance, which is the 3rd installment of The Tudor Court series. If you have read The Other Boleyn Girl, and loved reading about the scandals of King Henry VIII's court, you'll love this book, too. It has just as much, if not more scandal, than The Other Boleyn Girl, and has many references to it. This book will definitely make you feel like you went back in time as a fly on the wall while you hear of Katherine Howard's secrets, Anne of Cleves' misery, and Jane Boleyn's help in the scandal surrounding her. 


My favorite thing about Philippa Gregory's books is the fact that you do not have to read these in order for them to make sense. Of course, it would make more sense, but all in all, it doesn't matter. All of her books are definitely worth reading.